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AusFirst Compliance Partners Limited ACN 106 211 983 (ACP) provides a licensed compliance platform for our Corporate Authorised Representatives (CARs) who trade under their own names, developing and dealing in innovative and wealth creating investments.

We hold Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licence 275444, enabling ourselves and our CARs to develop “financial products” (offers to sell shares and other securities in companies) and to deal in these securities in the primary market (where you buy new shares from the offeror company) and secondary market (where you buy existing shares from a shareholder).

Our CARs can act as brokers to sell to sophisticated and retail investors in the wholesale and retail financial markets.

On this website:

  • For investors, we introduce you to our CARs who develop and deal in a wide range of innovative investments which will create and build on your wealth.
  • For industry professionals, we introduce you to the opportunity to obtain your RG 146 AFS qualification if you do not already have it, and to become AFS licenced and operate your own business legitimately as one of our CARs.

Hope you enjoy your stay here and that we can build a firm relationship.

John Rivett B.Com., LL.B.

Managing Director

Key Person under AFS Licence 275444

E         jr@johnrivett.com

P         0400 760 805